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  • For the Superior Court of Justice of Luxembourg, a certified translator (sworn translator) is authorized to translate documents having legal value with Luxembourg and foreign authorities. A certified translator is an expert, having received the title officially recognized as an "expert translator and interpreter at the Court of Justice". In order for a translation to be "certified as conforming to the original", it must be accompanied by the original and bear the translator's signature and stamp.

  • The translator, equivalent for the purposes of the certified translation to a ministerial officer, certifies to the fidelity and conformity of the translation to the original document.

  • The certified translation (sworn translation) consists in reporting various types of official documents in a foreign language, including for example procedural documents, notary deeds, administrative documents (marriage records, divorce deeds, birth certificates, diplomas, contracts etc.). This is information that will have legal value in institutions, administrations and authorities in Luxembourg and abroad.